NASU is a small workshop engaged in the production and design of lamps. It is a family business run by people with passion and determination who are supported by their friends. Lamps are made in CNC technology using a milling poltter. All parts of the lamp are cut from flat plates of material, polywood or plastic, and the edges are smoothed by hand. They are sold in sets for self-assembly, instructions included. There is no need to use any tools or glue. Due to the use of computer technology production could be viewed as modern craft / art. The design of each lamp is formed as an idea first and then is drawn by hand as a final project.

Piotr Nalepka is an architect with many years of experience. He graduated from University of Technology in Poznan. He received numerous awards for achievements in the design of various buildings and constructions. After almost 20 years working as a building designer he decided to change direction and bring his dreams to life through the design and production of his own brand of lights. He created NASU, a unique manufacturer based in Głogów where you can find lamps which are exclusive and exceptional for their originality. It is a place where technology, design and crafts are combined together..

Piotr Nalepka Lampy Nasu

I looked at it as a challenge which I can achieve. I wanted to use my experiance in making architectural models and the knowledge of carpentry that my grandfather gave me when I was little. He was a great craftsman with lots of skills and very patient. His wish was for me to learn how to make things in a traditional way. When I was a pupil in a primary school I knew that I would become a carpenter. When I was a bit older I became fascinated with the idea of designing and building ships. Years went by and I graduated as an architect. A few years ago, I remember distinctly, having a picture in my head of something resembling a lamp which I really wanted to create and hung in my studio… but I never had time to make it!
I was interested in designing lamps with a different and innovative look. Imagine pieces of a boat or plane construction hunging down from your ceiling! In the creation process I wanted to use all the experience I had gained and include the ideas which had inspired me throughout the years. I made the decision to do what I had always dreamed of. I bought a CNC milling machine and I learned how to use it. I worked out the whole production process and then designed and built my first lamp.