White Himmeli light – white pendant light

White version of the pendant lamp HIMMELI  from the family of Himmeli lamps.

Lamp inspired by Himmeli – Finnish folk decoration. Himmeli inmates had to bring good luck and abundance of the harvest. The word Himmel in Germanic languages means sky. Himmeli lamp made from black, matt plastic. The lamp looks great in space and each page looks different. Ideally suited for use with colored fabric cables. Equipped with black fabric cable.

Our lamps are designed and manufactured from scratch in our workshop. They are unique and exepcional in their originality. Our designs are protected and register in EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office)


White pendant light Himmeli

White pendant light HIMMELI – made of white plastic

DIMENSIONS – Himmeli light

Diameter: 56cm (22,05 in)
Height: 46 cm (18,11 in)
Weight: around 1 kg (2,2 lb)


Pendant light made of plastic – PVC foam, white, matt.

White pendant light Himmeli


The lamp shines down illuminating directly what is underneath it. The bulb is partially visible casting shadows and beautiful patterns on the walls and the ceiling.
If the bulb is made of opal glass – shades will not appear.

An interesting effect can be achieved by using decorative light bulb or various sized bulb.
The filament lamp holder: 1 piece E27 type (ie. Normal- Edison thread 27mm).
Bulb type: any type of bulbs with standard thread – LED, traditional, fluorescent, halogen or decorative.
Wattage: max 60W. For a brighter lights use LED light bulb.
Bulb is not included in the kit.

CONSTRUCTION of white pendant light

The light is supplied for self-assembly. There are 7 flat parts which require simple assembly without needing tools or glue and based on a principle similar to the concept of 3D puzzles.
Craft produced in CNC technology. The flat parts of our lamps are milled by a plotter and their edges are smoothed by hand.

3D files

Please contact us info@nasu.pl
Lights available on the DaWanda website: click here

Video instructions for submitting lamps (lamps in the film is version of plywood)

White pendant light HimmeliWhite pendant light HimmeliWhite pendant light HimmeliWhite pendant light HimmeliWhite pendant light Himmeliwhite pendant light Himmeliwhite pendant light Himmeli


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